Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You should be watching Boston Legal

Occasionally this blog teeters into the fickle realm of television. Witness my devotionals to Reno 911! and Arrested Development (at the risk of sounding five-minutes-ago: if you haven't watched every single episode from season one to season three, you are depriving yourself of one of mankind's greatest artistic creations; I am not essing around). But with the show finally punted into oblivion, we need to swing to another TV monkey bar lest we drop into the yawning chasm of broadcast dreck:

That bar (pun!) is Boston Legal, David E. Kelley's current crazy-lawyers show that was born out of the squirming guts of The Practice. It's vicious, hilarious and smart. And socially conscious. And has the best cast on TV (I have no words to describe William Shatner's blinding brilliance, and how exquisitely James Spader subverts it). I am compelled to tout the show because of last Tuesday's episode ("Squid Pro Quo"), which was one of the best blocks of serial television I've ever seen. What other creative team can use the global gag rule as a plot backdrop, mix in debate about international aid and Internet privacy, introduce a perfect Parker Posey as the newest cast member (Marlene "The Squid" Stanger), and be so very wacky and eloquent and level-headed all at once? I urge you to watch the two-hour season finale tonight. Starts at 9 p.m. on ABC. It will be rip-roaring.

Link buffet: A superb BL fan site. And, in other TV news, Dick & Pop-Pop become the greatest middle-aged man combo since, well, Shatner & Spader.


Beedow said...

brilliant, as always.
"here's to next season."

mimi said...

"same night?"

denny crane said...

"god i hope so."

post-show assessment: the parker posey injoke was great ("lots of a first-time independent filmmakers" have no idea what they're doing). the wes craven cameo was a delight. the end was superb, too. sweet and funny and just plain GOOD.

Alanna said...

I don't know, I've tried this show a few times and all the smug white men nailing unrealistically hot female lawyers and clients just doesn't really do it for me. Especially when smug men in question would never get these babes in real life. More TV hetero-dude wish fulfillment, a la King of Queens.

J.J. said...

You are correct about hetero-dude wish fulfillment. The show has that. It is very much about office politics and sexual dalliances, and gets much mileage out of Shatner and Spader's egos and libidos. But it is not strictly smugugly-man-on-hot-babe. The women and men on the show are equals in terms of power; Shatner and Spader's characters are just more boastful. Either way, I am still convinced that you'd've liked this past season immensely.

Jamy said...

I stopped watching for a while, but saw this episode on your recommendation. What a heady mix of slapstick, romance and drama! I liked it.