Sunday, August 21, 2005

'Hello Mary. Hello. Dick.'

Ileen Getz. Click on the link for a photo. You don't recognize the woman, or even the name. I wouldn't. But let me prompt: She played the humorless, butch Judith in 33 episodes of "3rd Rock from the Sun," the most underrated of shows. Those of you who watched remember now. Her dry, tight-voiced delivery. Those thick glasses, pursed lips, all-black attire. The greeting she always issued Jane Curtin and John Lithgow. That Lords of the Dance gag the entire cast did, in which her stern face brought the most laughs. She did other TV, theatre, and movies, but what a treat she was on this show.

Getz died August 4 of cancer. She was 44. Click on the title of this entry for the Variety obituary.