Monday, May 29, 2006

Come back, Kim Staunton

Remember when Ben Affleck made good movies? Changing Lanes is a superb one, grossly overlooked and underrated at the time of its release. It reminds us that Affleck is a good actor, that Sam Jackson has more than one note in his repertoire, and that movies can dig deep into the vagaries of humanity while still entertaining the crap out of us. But most of all, it gave us a glimpse of a fine actor who hasn't been seen since it was released four years ago: Kim Staunton. She has two knockout scenes -- one cautiously conciliatory and one piping mad -- as Jackson's estranged wife. Her presence and delivery are so elegant, so pure and gripping and compassionate, that you'd think she would've done at least a couple projects since. She hasn't. Come back, Kim Staunton.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see Kim in more films. She was a fine actress when we were in high school together, and I have been waiting for her break out roll! Where is it?! where is she?! Hollywood is gonna miss a good one if they ler her slip through their fingers much longer.

J.J. said...
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Ander said...

No kidding. My God, what a fine actor. I just saw CHANGING LANES tonight, and I thought Kim walked away with that picture. I hope she's seen some pages like this.