Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Hot time in the old town tonight

Would you say I was lame if I said I fell asleep for some of Sin City?

Some films play like sex. Some play like masturbation. Sin City is a film conceived by and executed with self-pleasure in mind. It was all give and no take. It was all pull and no push. It was all orgasm, but it wasn't mine, nor was it anyone else's in the audience. And when you realize you're watching a movie jerk off, it's nap time.


bagels, boobs, and beer said...

"nor was it anyone else's in the audience"

Good thing I wasn't in the audience to prove that statement wrong... I loved it and dare I say, so did most of the people I saw it with Friday night.

J.J. said...

I'm sure the rest of the audience loved it. But it still wasn't their orgasm.

bagels, boobs, and beer said...

Hey, I don't presume to know what gets other people off. :-D

Anonymous said...

JJ Gittes,

I agree with you completely. That movie was so awesome that I had to leave in the middle and eat a buttered pretzel for 2 or 45 minutes. Obviously, when somebody else jerks off, I get fat.