Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Telluride '06: Faye, Nicole, Penelope

At left is the Telluride staff bathroom. Faye Dunaway, and other female stars, are framed above the urinals. This photo says more about the festival than any other I took. On the drive back to Denver today, a fellow volunteer informed me that Faye was attending the festival as a patron. He talked with her, got her autograph, helped find her glasses; she was very cordial and personable, he said. Suffice to say: I am upset to have missed her. At right is the window display at a store on Colorado Avenue. It's David Thomson's latest book, which I will be reading shortly. Apparently, Telluride organizers wanted Kidman to be one of their three honorees this year (in lieu of Penélope Cruz, below on a panel with Forest Whitaker and Infamous director Douglas McGrath and in her tribute marquee photo outside the Sheridan Opera House), but that didn't work out. Pity, I say. David Thomson was an attendee and Fur was playing, so Kidman would've been a perfect choice to receive the TFF honoree treatment (which includes a clip reel of performances, a Q&A, and the bestowal of the Telluride silver medallion -- all in front of a theater of 250 non-paparazzi cinephiles).


Anonymous said...

Nice pics. I think Pene kinda looks like me.

RC said...

who else is posting bathroom pictures from telluride.

thanks for sharing your unique perception.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

JoJo said...

Nicole and Penelope are too beautiful for words.

And why is Fay's picture in a bathroom?!?! LOL.

cattleworks said...

You film festival going bastard, ya!
Sorry I haven't been around much lately comment-wise, but I have been checking in to your blog.
I worked on another local horror film in August (part-time, this time). More on that later.
The festival sounds great!
Sorry you missed Ms. Dunaway.
Looking forward to addtional posts.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure Nicole Kidman is keen on those career tributes, I believe the Hamptons Film Festival or a film organisation in the Hamptons wanted to give her this kind of tribute last January, the organisers said she declined and gave them a list of other actresses they could give it to, they chose Laura Linney from the list, then still invited Kidman back and gave her an award for her adventurous roles, lol.

Emma said...

I just don't dig Nicole.

Middento said...

I would like to note the thrill I got every time I walked into that bathroom and chose to pee at the urinal with Faye Dunaway on one side of me and Ingrid Bergman on the other.

Of course, then I became confused when the real Faye (stringy hair and all) showed up at our theater. Much like Pavlov's dogs, I felt the urge to pee under her seat as she watched a movie.

Anonymous said...

mysticdollarredemption, so? you think she stays awake for you to dig her? lol