Monday, January 22, 2007

Oscar nom predictions

I started to exhaust myself by providing predictions for every category, then realized it (like the Oscars) was a stupid exercise (and one that everyone and their mother is doing). We all know Mirren, Whitaker, O'Toole, Murphy & Hudson, Little Miss Sunshine, The Departed and Babel will be up for the big prizes. You don't need me to contribute to that kind of media onanism (see AMPAS-approved photo at left). So here's a snapshot of tomorrow's quirks and blips: Cohen, the lady Gyllenhaal, Gosling, Arkin and Breslin will be up for acting; Meryl will too, but not for The Devil Wears Prada. Letters from Iwo Jima will rebound with a picture/director score; Dreamgirls will be left out of both. The director category will look remarkably different from the DGA: In addition to Eastwood, Cuaron will arrive and Greengrass will be back. Children of Men will pop up in at least five technical categories. The Departed will have the most nominations (I'm seeing eight). Still, none of these are true surprises ('cept for Meryl), so I'm going to go out on the shakiest of limbs: Bobby for picture, plus a script nod to Estevez, plus Laura Dern for Inland Empire. Deal with it, crackers.


is that so wrong? said...

Laura Dern for Inland Empire would ROCK my world. That would be an Oscar-nomination morning surprise very much worth the wait.

Also: I'm SO in for the DZ Oscar pool. Always.

J.J. said...

If Dern is nominated, David Lynch will have mounted the most successful and least expensive Oscar campaign ever (if you're weighting energy output against eventual effectivess).

Pool info forthcoming. A downloadable ballot won't be as prompt as usual (Daddy's got a busy day tomorrow), but I expect this year to be the biggest ever.

Anonymous said...

the queen and little miss sunshine get best picture nominations.

you must be spewing smoke.


Middento said...

I just read this post -- and, believe it or not, I would have liked to see at least some of this make it! (Was hoping for Lady Gyllenhaal myself...)

J.J. said...

Well, you must admit I was spot-on about Iwo Jima, Greengrass, Breslin & Arkin & Gosling, and the technical notices for Children of Men. Although I'm flummoxed that Cohen wasn't nominated for best actor, and that Volver wasn't nominated for either screenplay or foreign language film. But more on that later.

former dz oscar pool winner booya said...

Isn't this post a little behind the times? Tell us your thoughts on the nominees, JJ!