Friday, July 27, 2007

NinesWatch: Pre-trailer footage

The Nines has been on my radar since a former coworker at EW became the first to froth about it (at Sundance in January): "...when the last scene hit, it was like a trap door unlatched in my brain, and I went from being fascinated and intellectually engaged by all sorts of meta storytelling and mysterious phenomenae to crying my eyes out and using the word 'nice' a lot." Needless to say, that notice stuck with me. The magazine is continuing the trumpeting: PopWatch has writer-director John August as a guest blogger in advance of the film's limited release date (Aug. 31). The trailer is forthcoming, but August put some strange, intriguing clips on YouTube yesterday. Here's one of 'em. And yes, that's Van Wilder. And yes, apparently he and the movie are very good.


Anonymous said...

I already saw this movie at Sundance and it's an incomprehensible mess.

The audience WAS NOT fascinated by the contrived, gimmicky and esoteric pretentions that mean nothing to anybody but the director himself.

The director had to come up onstage and explain what his symbolic tangents meant to him, and nobody was compelled.

The audience walked out bored, befuddled and annoyed.

Impenatrable, pretentious nonsense.

That said, Reynolds does spend a lot of time shirtless in the film and even plays a gay character, if I recall.

The director is gay.

But he makes gays look incoherent and pretentious.

Sounds like your friend from EW is an easily amused, pseudo-intellectua.

Tell her to be less easily seduced by hype and hot guys.

J.J. said...

Oh snap.

Thanks for the cold shower. Duly noted. Although I'd be disturbed if Reynolds *wasn't* shirtless. He and Chris Evans have an understanding with moviegoers; they're shirtless 70 percent of their time onscreen, end of story.

Maria in Mostar said...

God bless that understanding.