Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'll believe it when I see it (which will be never)

A curious thing happens when you type in Go ahead, click it.

This is indicative of the small infamies that have befallen Romance and Cigarettes, the jukebox musical that premiered at the Venice and Toronto films festivals in 2005, went straight to DVD in Britain and has yet to see the light of day stateside. It got "lost in the shuffle" during the Cruise-Wagner acquisition of MGM. But lo! Its director, John Turturro, will distribute the film himself on Sept. 7. Hold off on your hallelujahs, though. It premiers in New York at the Film Forum. Will it make its way to D.C. or anywhere else? Probably not. The news releases don't say (assholes). And it might never reach Region 1 of the DVD world.

Please refer to previous posts for my screed. How could a jukebox musical with this cast and this trailer not be a winner? If you live in New York, please e-mail immediately at when you see it. Tix go on sale Aug. 31. Here are some clips (yes it looks like it could be a mess, but still):

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Jo said...

Wow. I have been looking forward to this film for a long time as well. I hope that we will at least have the opportunity to see it on DVD at some point.

That link to the Wagner/Cruise press release is odd indeed.

Thanks for posting the trailers. Bizarre and intriguing.