Monday, June 13, 2005

TomKat & Brangelina


I didn't, and still do not, have a problem with Tom Cruise. I do, however, have a problem with Katie Holmes, who was a big spoilsport on Letterman last week (above photos). If you're a celebrity -- particularly a beleaguered, high-profile celeb who acts weird -- you'd best be comfortable with your weirdness and be game to make fun of yourself. Tom is, Katie is not. Her interview with Dave was the most awkward thing I've ever seen on TV. And from the clip she "brought" from Batman Begins, looks like she's pretty awkward in the film, too.

Continuing on the theme of celebrity hoo-ha's and its impact on moviedom, Mr. & Mrs. Smith did a dizzying $50.8 million at the box office this weekend. I'd say without the Pitt/Jolie antics that preceded its release, Mr. & Mrs. Smith would have done half that. So what does this mean for Batman and War of the Worlds? Or is Tom and Katie's PR machine stranger (and therefore less attractive) than Pitt and Jolie's?

I advocate a separation of church and slate. Tom's commitment to and enthusiasm over Scientology is fine and respectable. But I think if he were to keep it out of his career, it would make for better PR. And let's face it, that's what this is about. PR, money, etc.

That said, I still think Batman and War of the Worlds will be hits. The first has the Trifecta of Distinguised Grizzle: Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, and Morgan Freeman. The second has that magical Cruise-Spielberg element that produced a masterpiece last time out (Minority Report). Summer doesn't look so bad. Let's just mind our own business, let the celebrities worship or shtup whomever they like, and find free screenings so they don't get our money.


bagels, boobs, and beer said...

It'd be easier to ignore celebrities shtupping if Tom Cruise wasn't all over the place, screaming, "I'M SO IN LOVE! IF YOU THINK I'M ACTING WEIRD THEN YOU'VE NEVER BEEN IN LOVE AND I FEEL BAD FOR YOU!"

J.J. said...

As prevalent as the media are, we do have power over them. Of course, it would require the sacrifices of guilty pleasures -- turning the TV off, not opening the magazine. And so on.

bagels, boobs, and beer said...

Ah, but what would we be without our guilty pleasures?

...And let's let that one be rhetorical.

Middento said...

Alas, Dan, it appears Katie does perfectly well in BB. She is in fact almost as pretty as Cillian Murphy!

Now that the summer is upon us, I'm not even watching TV anymore. (OK, so I have other reasons why, but still.) In fact, if it weren't for EW, I wouldn't know about anything cultural! Like Britney and K-Fed, for example. Now THAT sounds like a quality couple...)