Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hollywood's own form of piracy

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Half as good as the first, but it got double the opening weekend box office. Savvy? See instead: Wordplay.


Taylor Lauren said...

I found you from a link on a blog, which I found from a link on another blog, and so on for about ten years. I'm suddenly and unabashedly a huge fan.

But Pirates managed to get the weekend record for it's opening weekend. I'm actually surprised. I was expecting this to happen to Superman, but it seems to be all switched around.

J.J. said...

Thanks, TL. Pirates' record-breaking weekend didn't surprise me. Superman, despite the breadth of its pop-culture presence, is still a niche market. It's a superhero movie that attracted superhero fans, their companions, and people who were just curious or felt obligated to see it. Pirates, on the other hand, is practically all-encompassing: there are Johnny Depp fans, Orlando Bloom fans, people who want to see Keira Knightley in a surf-soaked bodice, people who were captivated by the first movie, etc. It also functions as a date movie, an action movie and, well, a pirate movie (of which there are no other contenders). Superhero movies are a dime a dozen. Swashbucklers are a much rarer -- and therefore enticing -- event. It's a sign of the times. Superman is very retro. Pirates are very now.

Taylor Lauren said...

Everybody likes pirates. They are so much more hardcore than ninjas, let me tell you.

I see what you're saying, but a lot of it could be applied to the superhero movies as well. They're made to appeal to everybody, and not just the hardcore nerds. They put in the same thing as all the other movies. Good looking heros, better looking objects of affection, and humor. After all, wasn't the BO leader before Pirates 2 Spiderman? When I went to see Superman, there was a variety of people in attendence.

I do think you had something, however, about Superman. In my opinion, even though it was a rebirth of the series, it was much too dependent on the other movies to be able to fully understand it. This is very different from a movie such as Batman Beyond.

Everything about Superman was instantly forgettable, in my opinion, from the performances to the story to the subplot. It focused too much on his return and less on Lex Luthor. Who, in my opinion, was the only good part of the movie.

It probably comes down to a combination of the marketability and quality. In my opinion, Spiderman, Pirates, and Superman all have about the same, but Superman is greatly lacking in quality.

is that so wrong? said...

It seems that the "Pirates" craze has only been recently reinvigorated, though.... keep in mind expensive flameouts like Cutthroat Island in the early 90s. Maybe that movie just didn't have the right amount of corny CG, the real reason people go to see movies nowadays anyway (?).

J.J. said...

Cutthroat Island was severely lacking the self-awareness of the POTC movies. And, as we all know, self-awareness leads to grace and fun and humor. In other words, a genre that sends up and supercedes itself. [Point of order: POTC's CGI ain't corny. It's one of the few CGI-heavy films in recent memory that actually looks great (as opposed to cartoonish).]

RC said...

glad to be able to say i've seen word play now, and have not seen pirates yet.

--RC of