Thursday, August 31, 2006

Telluride '06: Secrets revealed

DENVER, Colo. -- Those mischievous festival planners released the top-secret lineup earlier today. It's a doozy! I'm most excited for Little Children, Fur, Babel, the Alloy Orchestra, the restored print of Playtime, and the bestowal of the silver medallion on David Thomson. But one question: Why is Penelope Cruz one of the esteemed festival honorees? I mean, please.

Back to reality. I'm not sure how many films I will actually get to see. My ticket to the festival (which is small and selective and expensive, and sold out months ago) is volunteer work. I'm driving down tomorrow to start work as one of those dogged Telluride volunteers. Hopefully I'll be serving popcorn to Kate or Nicole in between screenings at the Sheridan Opera House.

If my residence has Internet access, I will blog in real time about what I see and hear as I work behind the scenes. If there's no Internet, expect one big post after the festival ends Tuesday. Hold on to your hats. They don't call this the purest film festival in the world for nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Same here, why is she being honored? her last great/good work before Volver was pre-2000 so go figure, she hasn't done anything worth noting before Volver. I guess this is part of her Oscar campaign. If she wants to keep giving performances like Volver then she needs to stop with the bad American movies, not everyone can be an international actress.