Wednesday, November 29, 2006

3 Women on the brain

"She never did anything wrong on purpose. She's just scared of you, that's all. Then she almost died, and nobody even cared around here. You're the bad ones, not Pinky. All you care about's your time clock, your money and your dumb books. Well, you don't have to worry about any Social Security numbers anymore, because I quit. It's a horrible job. And we don't need it. Neither of us."

Tonight, I see Sugar Tits. I mean, Apocalypto. Will report back.


cattleworks said...

All that Mel Gibson tabloid crap aside (and i can compartmentalize like a mother if I have to), I'd really like to see APOCALYPTO.
(Hey, wouldn't that be a cool name for some demonic rottweiler villain of Krypto? I digress....)

I saw 3 WOMEN pretty much when it came out when I was living in Pittsburgh (over 20 friggin' frigs ago! The frig!) and the Pittsburgh Playhouse showed a different movie every night and I saw George Romero in the audience once, but now I'm digressing wistfully and nostalgically. And all I remember is Shelly Duvall's dress/coat repeatedly caught in the car door and Sissy Spacek burping up a storm at the bar.
Ah, memories...

J.J. said...

'The frig!' Ha!

Yes, Duvall's dress caught in the door. Big topic of conversation. Altman even expounds on it in his DVD commentary. What does it mean?


It's a silly movie, but it stays with you.

The Pittsburgh Playhouse sounds like a nice place.

Alanna said...

3 women are on your brain? Can I guess who? I guess... Storm from X-Men, Condoleezza Rica, and me.

Was I close?

J.J. said...

Two out of three ain't bad.

cattleworks said...

By the way, I don't exactly know WHAT I was expecting to see when I clicked on your link for Sugar Tits, but it sure wasn't an ARTICLE!

Although... now I wanna see a picture of these three women all together!
To keep it cinematic-ish, it can be a still from a movie.
Genre: nunsploitation!
And their convent features habits that are, um, actually black leather mini-dresses...
I mean... that would be interesting wouldn't it?

Oh, finally posted my take on the movie meme.