Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Watching Nic Cage whip off his glasses with alarm about 4,000 times

I'm still addled with fatigue from being an extra this past weekend for National Treasure: Book of Secrets, the sequel to the 2004 Nicolas Cage action extravaganza. We shot in the reading room of the Library of Congress (pictured) for about 20 hours -- from Saturday evening to Sunday morning, and then Sunday afternoon to Monday morning. A good friend of mine is writing a newspaper story on the experience, so I will surely direct you to it upon publication April 29. All the scandalous on-set gossip will be included there. (But one thought for now: Cage's hair is an engineering marvel.)


cattleworks said...

Vicarious extra stories, or Lame name dropping:

So, the guy who directed PRISON OF THE PSYCHOTIC DAMNED?
D. W. Kann, and he had a bit role as a kid playing a clarinet or some band instrument in JAWS 2.

When I was working on POTPD, Kann was telling some stories and he said how he used to live in Martha's Vineyard. But before they moved there, he remembers going to the drive-in with his family, where they saw JAWS.
That's when his dad says, "Hey, kids! THAT's where we're moving to!"

J.J. said...

That's *fantastic*.

Middento said...

To think that I went on Monday to the LOC to do research and I didn't know this.

(That, and I didn't apply to be an extra myself, despite the fact that they were looking for professors.)