Friday, February 17, 2006

Gere-ing up for Berry funny Pudding plaudits

Harvard is the only college that could secure the attendance of movie stars for its annual Hasty Pudding Man & Woman of the Year awards, and then get away with treating them like the genius-whores they are. At left, woman of the year Halle Berry humps a Harvard senior yesterday in a parody of the "make me feel good" sex scene in Monster's Ball (blurry photo by Jeremy S. Singer-Vine for The Crimson; don't sue me). Berry also had to endure parodies of her Oscar speech and write "I will not make Catwoman II" on a chalkboard four times. Solid.

Richard Gere will be duly roasted next week as Pudding's man of the year. OK, class, what should we make him do? Tap dance? Definitely. Climb a fire escape using only his teeth? Yes. Levitate in the Lotus position? Good. Excuse me, did someone just say something about a gerbil?

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