Sunday, February 19, 2006

This has been Reality Check, and we are through

I get home after a day in the country and turn on the TV. E! has red carpet coverage of the BAFTA Awards. A feisty faux-Brit slag is interviewing dapper, aw-shucks Jake Gyllenhaal as Mizrahi-esque fashionistas gush over his adorability and talent. I turn the channel. Comedy Central is featuring Bubble Boy. Never forget where you came from, Gyll. Never forget.


Anonymous said...

This is when you sitchyo ass up wide for a slice of truth...and a side of wisdom.

J.J. said...

This just in: Gyll won best supporting actor at the BAFTAs this evening (but how can you not when your supporting turn is a leading turn?). Win all you want, buddy. The Bubble remains.

Antonio B. said...

Nunca forgeta.