Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Get your "S" in gear

I see it this evening. Will Superman Returns extend the supple screen treatment of D.C. comic heroes started by last year's Batman Begins? Will Frank Langella chew the scenery into splinters? Will James Marsden finally realize the only roles he can get in superhero movies are Weepy Boobs? Either way, here's hoping that Singer & Co. didn't forsake the X-Men for nothing.

Update 19:28. I shall not be seeing it this evening, due to work- and weather-related phenomena. Like the weather, the news never stops.


Jeanette said...

Fear not. It will not kill you to wait a day to see some of the weakest character development this side of the Mississippi. Alanna and I saw it last week and were puzzled by Superman's tendency to ignore third world countries...hmmm...

Middento said...

Oh dear. Are you being asked to be a talking head in front of the breaking dam? "This is JJ and we're standing in front of the earthen dam that is about to brea.... yaaaaaaah..."

This would, of course, be particularly impressive, given that you're in print and not broadcast. Still.