Friday, June 30, 2006

Watch Peggy Sue Got Married if you want to see...

... Joan Allen doing her Trudy Wiegel impression ... A 23-year-old Helen Hunt playing the daughter of a 22-year-old Nicolas Cage ... Jim Carrey and 7th Heaven's Catherine Hicks doing a line of coke ... A 15-year-old Sofia Coppola (left) giving the first hint of why she belongs behind the camera. [Here, she plays the little sister of Kathleen Turner (right). The two would work together to better effect -- as director and actor -- 13 years later in The Virgin Suicides.]

The class of 1960 in 1986, left to right: Catherine Hicks (still 10 years away from her 10-year run on 7th Heaven), Jim Carrey ("Couple of lines of this and I could drill my own teeth"), Wil Shriner (who just directed Hoot), Joan Allen ("Michael Fitzsimmons doesn't look like the barbecue type!") and Nicolas Cage (channeling Dion DiMucci).

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