Monday, March 19, 2007

Romance and Cigarettes Watch: On DVD in May!

My dear friend Beedow alerted me to this news item. Seems the righteous-looking movie musical Romance & Cigarettes will finally be available to a mass American audience in May. Read my previous tirade here -- I mean, how could this not be released in theaters? The official word, per Fox News: It got lost in the shuffle when Sony bought MGM a couple years back. I don't buy it. Look at the pedigree in this movie. There's another, bigger reason. It must suck. But who cares? Release the damn thing in May, or else.


Middento said...

Aw, c'mon, JJ. At least you could give us the trailer.

J.J. said...

Um, I gave you the trailer in the previous post, which I linked to. COME on.

Middento said...

(oops...shamefully drags himself to the old post.....)