Thursday, May 31, 2007

He's the only kid ever to get into trouble before he was born

Christopher Lloyd is in those DirectTV commercials. Elisabeth Shue is back in the 'plexes with Gracie. I want to buy this. I've been saying "This is heavy" a lot. This is on a loop in my head. And I've been getting to work in the morning via skateboard (occasionally grabbing hold of car bumpers).


Middento said...

I can see you on a skateboard.

Damian said...

And I wrote the following comment on girish's blog just yesterday too:

"When I was in elementary school I used to watch BACK TO THE FUTURE so often that I eventually had the entire thing committed to memory. Every shot, every cut, every musical note, every bit of dialogue, every pause in the dialogue, etc. Sometimes when I'd be on long school field trips, sitting in a car or a bus, and my friends would get bored, they'd turn to me and say "Do BACK TO THE FUTURE, Damian," and I would. I'd mimic all the voices, make all the sound effects with my mouth, hum the "score" and just generally make an ass of myself. I didn't have a lot of other talents (besides drawing and I certainly was no athlete), so it was the only way I thought I could endear myself to others. You know those guys who do travel the country doing one-man shows of STAR WARS or HAMLET on stage? I was a travelling one-man BACK TO THE FUTURE show. The really sad part is that I can still do it."

J.J. said...

That's not sad. That is joyous.

I think BTTF is the greatest film trilogy ever, by the way.

And for years, I was convinced not only that hoverboards were actually entering the consumer market but also that I was going to receive one for Christmas.