Sunday, May 06, 2007

Integriwatch: Alien not Alien 3

Because I can't think of anything better to post about, here's this: Thomas Haden Church, the fun actor who's marooned with a poorly formed (literally) character in Spider-Man 3, is interviewed in the Spotlight section of the most recent Entertainment Weekly. He says Ridley Scott's 1979 masterpiece Alien is the movie that made him want to break into Hollywood. EW accompanies this declaration with a photo from 1992's Alien3 (pictured). How does a mistake like this happen? (I've been a little perturbed about the old rag recently, but can you blame me? "Heroes" on the most recent cover? "Heroes"?)

Speaking of Ripley: June 12 is The Film Experience's Action Heroine Blog-a-thon. I'll have my arms elbow-deep in the intellectual muck of gender and genre (genrder?). My topic? No, not my beloved Sigourney (though I'd love to watch the Alien quadrilogy in one sitting). Instead, I'll examine the women of the Indiana Jones films. Allen. Capshaw. Doody. (Ha, doody.) Get ready for a barnburner.


Alanna said...

Wait, someone's last name is actually doody?

Moohbear said...

I watched the quadrilogy all at once. And that was before they had all been released together. Dear god.

Middento said...

I can't believe you just said the word "doody." You are no longer allowed to hang out with my son.

Anonymous said...

Allen = kickass
Doody = pretty good villain
Capshaw = this movie NEVER happened.


Arden said...

omg. GREAT idea for the action heroine blog-a-thon!