Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There is no person I like more than Emma Thompson

With Stephen Fry in "Cambridge Footlights Revue" in 1982:

In a remix of scenes from her first movie, 1987's The Tall Guy:

As Frasier Crane's first wife in a commercial for a 1992 episode of "Cheers":

Eloquently accepting her best actress Oscar in 1993:

In The Remains of the Day that same year:

Accepting (as Jane Austen) a Golden Globe for best screenplay in 1996:

Giving the best performance cable TV has ever seen in 2001's Wit:

As the only good thing about Love Actually in 2003:

Baring her soul for an anti-human trafficking campaign in 2007:

Here's to 49 more years of peerless brilliance.