Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mad anchormen, mad mathematicians, mad fathers

1. George Clooney is planning a live television remake of Network for CBS next fall. This was bound to happen. Can't deny it. I finished freaking out and have now settled into mixed feelings. Network can stand by itself today, just as it did in 1976, and there is no reason for a remake.

But a remake might bring the original film the contemporary audience it deserves, and I trust Clooney. He's a matinee idol, but he has a keen business and artistic sense. His track record as a producer is impressive and unconcerned with trifles (see Far from Heaven, Insomnia). I'm interested to see how he will adrenalize the 1976 story, because today's audience is just as numb as Network said it would be. Doing it live will hopefully electrify the proceedings. I hope Clooney asks Sidney Lumet, the original director, to do it again. After all, Lumet got his start in live television. Could be the broadcast event of the year. Dream cast? Brian Cox as Howard Beale (the Peter Finch role), Jeff Bridges as Max Schumacher (the William Holden), Diane Lane as Diana Christensen (the Faye Dunaway), Faye Dunaway as Louise Schumacher (the Beatrice Straight). I'd greenlight that in an instant.

2. Proof is a gorgeous, thrilling movie. I haven't been sold on Gwyneth Paltrow and Hope Davis until now. They give the performances of their careers. My companion loathed the movie, though, so buyer beware. In other news, I'm still not sold on Jake Gyllenhaal.

3. Nicolas Cage named his newborn son Kal-el, Superman's Kryptonic nomen. In a galaxy of lame celebrity mini-stunts, I think this one is kind of cool. I hope Cage makes the boy call him Jor-el.


Maria W. said...

um. your companion? after 2 decades* of friendship i'm your companion? like your seeing eye dog? your Blackberry? um.

i did think the movie was lame. that part is correct.

*almost! winky face!

J.J. said...

Sorry about the robot blog spammers, folks. They leave the strangest comments.