Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Pearl & potpurri

Two upcoming films on Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal writer who was slain in Pakistan in 2002? At the very least, one of them stars the capable Josh Lucas (lovingly rendered in oil paint at right by this person; please don't sue me) and will be directed by Jean Grey's former beau Tod "Kip" Williams, who helmed the underappreciated The Door in the Floor. But still -- two? Is it in poor taste to cry "overkill"?

In other news, I'm looking for topics about which to blog. If you'd be so kind, leave any suggestions (snarky or otherwise) in the comments. Fermenting ideas include: A final pre-release rumination on X-Men: The Last Stand (and how I'll cease to exist if it's a crapfest, and how the franchise was grievously mismanaged). The three trans-generational outings of Bobby & Mary Louise (in anticipation of next year's First Man). More Sidney Lumet worshipping and delayed thoughts on the Controversial Classics Vol. 2 box set. A list of overlooked actors (Fry, Strathairn, Thigpen, Woodard) who've narrated must-listen audio books. An essay on the splendor and vagaries of Jeff Bridges, who time and again reminds me that he will be regarded posthumously as the greatest film actor of his generation (like his predecessor was).


Beedow said...

what about blogging about the mystery you leave in each of your posts when you say something like... "the greatest film actor of his generation (like his predecessor was)." Where predecessor is linked to IMDB, and when Beedow waves his mouse over the link to see in the bottom left of the window where clicking will take him, he gets a number instead of a name... confused? I wasn't when I began this post.

Let's start again: I have to actually click on the link to find out who the predecessor was because simply hovering my mouse over the link, I see only "http://imdb.com/name/nm0000053/." IMDB [and JJ by association] is tricky that way. Why couldn't they just make their link ".../name/Robert Mitchum/"

Phew. Guess I had a lot of time on my hands tonight, seeing I also am at a loss about what to blog.

RC said...

i agree door in the floor was underappreciated...i loved john irvings whole book a widow for a year...and the actors did a great job in this film...it at least deserved some screenplay recognition too.

as for blogging topics...you can always feel free to use anything over at strangeculture.blogspot.com and I'm even up for criticism of some of my thoughts...why not?

I like controversy.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

alanna said...

Blog about how Jeff "Underrated bla bla even though he was in crap like 'Fly Away Home'" Bridges is going to be the title character in the movie version of the best YA book ever written, The Giver! Will they make a mess of it? Don't they always?

J.J. said...

I plan on addressing The Giver, because I think Bridges is the *perfect* choice for the title role.

is that so wrong? said...

Doesn't The Giver sound like a porn novel, just a little bit? You know it does. No Newbery Medal can stop that. In which case, why not just title it The Top?