Thursday, May 25, 2006

You're still beautiful to me, Faye

The left photo is from Cannes 2006. The right is from the '60s. Cringe all you want. You know my feelings on Faye.


Middento said...

Whoa! Now I know where RuPaul got her face. (Or vice-versa?)

J.J. said...

Don't hate, Jeffrey. No one wants to get old, especially those of us whose very lives were built around the myth of cinematic vibrance.

Middento said...

You would say that, JJ. After all, you slept with the woman. Such a considerate lover... before you SLAP her.

Besides, I actually love both of them. Showed B&C this semester to show the little ones how it's done. (Hey, I even love Mommie Dearest and Arizona Dream.) If anything, I'm proud of RuPaul for copying from the top.

Speaking of which, you bettah WORK.

Ehil Bent said...

That poor woman.