Saturday, December 30, 2006

Don't expect a Top 10 'til February

Three hundred and six movies were released this year. I've seen 52 of them. Daddy needs to play catch-up. So in lieu of listmaking, I shall issue several "honors" over the next week. I will pick a film or filmmaker or what-have-you to receive these "honors." Think "The Kennedy Center Honors," minus Michele Lee. To honor the year of 2006, I think this is fairer and more accurate than cobbling together a Top 10 when I haven't yet seen some prime contenders. The honor will not be bestowed in the form of a rainbow lanyard. Any suggestions for the physical incarnation of the award?


wharman said...

Dear A.L.A.P.
Can you fashion a lap? It would be great if you could make it disappear when it stands up.

In the alternative, take a cue from American Idol judge Randy and call it A Lap Dog.

Middento said...

Does this mean that Daddy will have Jessica Simpson come out to royally screw things up and disgrace herself by a display of ignorance? Because that would be fun, particularly if you give an honor to, say, Shortbus.

As for the physical manifestation of your award, I think that (given your monniker) a glass eye is in order. Just in case there's some shooting going on at the awards ceremony.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why you wouldn't want the plastic face stylings of michelle lee present at your honors.

remember when we saw her at stritchy's party? and she thought she was cool? but she's not? at all?

i think a piece of computer paper with the words "you win" written in green sharpie would be sufficient.