Thursday, December 21, 2006

FYC: William Hurt in The King

The film: A bitter pill. Shakespeare by way of Faulkner. God's people go godless.
The actor: A subtlist. There's not a showy thing about him.
The character: A preacher with a sacrilegious past.
The moment: When he confesses his transgressions to his congregation, which starts to walk out on him. "God bless you," he says to his parting sheep. "I deserve your rebuke."


Alanna said...

Hurt was awfully showy in A History of Violence. But he was also hilarious: "How do you f*ck that up?!?"

J.J. said...

Showy in History of Violence? On the contrary. Hurt was all slowburn. Watch it again. His mania is *implied*.

Alanna said...

Wow, we have very different interpretations. I thought he was a mobster caricature.

Arden said...

he's a genius.