Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oscars 07: Clint & Marty

If we're to envision the Oscars by the results of the seasons' first critics awards, then we'll have yet another matchup between Clint Eastwood (4 Oscars) and Martin Scorsese (0 Oscars). The National Board of Review gave Letters from Iwo Jima its best picture award and Scorsese its best director award for The Departed. The two heavyweights were matched up in 2003 (Mystic River v. Gangs of New York) and 2005 (Million Dollar Baby v. The Aviator). Also, I'm going to eat my words. Catherine O'Hara took best supporting actress. And the NBR included The Devil Wears Prada in its top 10. That's disgusting.


Nick Davis said...

I have so, so appreciated your skepticism about Devil Wears Prada. Laureling the film as one of the year's best is even crazier than laureling Streep's enjoyable but relatively easy perf.

Gangs and Mystic were actually in different years, but this Marty/Clint standoff sure is looking a little overdetermined. I actually don't see anyone but Marty winning Best Director this year, though.

J.J. said...

Thanks for the correction on Gangs and Mystic. It all starts to bleed together after a while, doesn't it?

You're probably right about Marty. And, all said and done, he actually deserves it. His direction of The Departed is assured and virtuosic. It's a well-oiled *movie* movie.

Anonymous said...

Totally agreed. If he wins, I'm sure we'll hear a lot of grousing about him copping a statue for this instead of Taxi Driver or Raging Bull, but beyond how unfair it is to hold major artists to their most towering achievements, I don't think The Departed deserves to be thought of as such a second banana within his oeuvre. I would have been much more disappointed to see him win for the zesty but patchy Aviator or the logy Gangs of New York.

(More from me soon, btw, about Apocalypto...thanks for your great comments!)

is that so wrong? said...

Interesting to see O'Hara pick up more steam. I'd love to see her name in the Oscar race (they've nominated so much worse in the past.... besides, she's great in FYC), because if they snub her after gaining enough buzz.... wouldn't that be disturbingly parallel to the point of cruelty?

Nick Davis said...

(Oops - that anonymous comment above was from me)