Thursday, January 19, 2006

Good news bad news

Good news: Junebug is wonderful. Finally got around to it. Loved loved loved it. Sony Pictures Classics mounted an early and aggressive campaign for Amy Adams, and it's paid off so far. But the film as a whole is a wonder -- especially the expert cast -- and should've been backed for (at the very least) screenplay awards. Mmm, nothing like a good movie.

Bad news: "Hi, I'm a Fox executive. My network has the the greatest show produced by the medium of television and, as such, we've tried to keep it hidden from as many people as possible by switching its air date and time, often pulling it from the schedule for weeks on end. So we're cancelling it. But before we do, we're going to put the last four episodes in a two-hour block. And we're going to put it on a Friday night. Opposite the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics. Enjoy, sayonara, and make sure to watch 'Stacked' on Thursdays at 9 starting in March!"


is that so wrong? said...

Unfortunately, Fox's unceremonious sabotage is not new to the world of television executives, always keeping their eyes peeled to axe the best programs on television. Just follow the bloody footprints of highly-acclaimed but shittily-treated shows like (not to beat a dead horse) "Twin Peaks", "Once and Again", "My So Called Life", "Freaks & Geeks", "Line of Fire", ad nauseum.

Write Or said...

I'd like to comment, but I'm too distracted by my desire to pronounce the word verification word, qctcjdcp. This could take a while.

Bites about AD. That's low, Fox. Really low.

Emma said...

Lovely little film. Here's my review: