Saturday, January 28, 2006

'...people so lofty they sound as if they shit marble!'

It was Wolfie's 250th birthday yesterday, so why not pay homage by listening to the Jupiter symphony in the dark, or by dousing your hair with baby powder, or by watching the only biopic that's ever succeeded, Amadeus. Sadly, this rapturous cinematic peak signaled the downfall of stars F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce, who haven't been heard from since. On the upside, the pale, snivelling little girl who played Lorl the Errand Wench went on to do some notable things. Her name was Cynthia Nixon, and I guess she gets the last laugh.


Write Or said...

Cynthia Nixon...Cynthia Nixon...sounds familiar. What happened to her again? Oh, that's right. She played Miranda Hobbes on the best show EVER, Sex And The City. OK, second-best show after Saved By The Bell. They should join forces and make Sex and the Bell. Unless it would involve the kinky habits of Screech. No thanks.

cattleworks said...

Cynthia Nixon in Amadeus.
Just another way to reduce the film arts to a trivia game...

Actually, I wanted to thank you for listing my blog at livejournal.
I'm still not sure if you've actually read any of my meanderings, but thanks for the free advertisment!
And holy crap! The Oscar nominations are out already? I have to get me to a filmmery!
And several times!