Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Surrr-prise...this is the best day of my life

They're making a movie of Comedy Central's sublime improv COPS parody Reno 911!! (That's two exclamation points -- one to comply with the official title and one to illustrate the joyous paroxysm I just suffered.) The movie is irresistably named Reno 911!: Miami, which leads me to believe this is the start of a glorious franchise...Reno 911!: New York...Reno 911!: Sacramento...Reno 911!: Butte, etc. Who cares if the gifted cast's talent withers on the big screen! I'd do anything to experience Trudy Wiegel in Cinemascope. The news broke Jan. 4, but somehow I missed it. Maybe it's because Reno 911!, as a show, is vastly under-promoted. But news of this movie and of Showtime's pitch for Arrested Development promise better days for marginalized fans.


Rusty said...

Who needs a Reno 911! movie after Thomas Lennon's star turn in "A Guy Thing"? I mean, that was comedy gold.

Write Or said...

Sometimes I fear I'll never love a real person as deeply as I do Trudy Wiegel.