Sunday, January 08, 2006

With Dahl out of the way, Deppurton assaults Sondheim

First, Sam Mendes and Russell Crowe were attached to direct and star in the film version of Stephen Sondheim's grand, gory musical "Sweeney Todd." Terrific. Add the beatific Emma Thompson as Mrs. Lovett? Wonderful. But now there's a report that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are the latest creative pair on board. Tragedy. They disgraced the legacy of Willy Wonka, and they'll do the same to "Sweeney." No doubt it will be all CGI, even the meat pies. And we'll have to put up with a Danny Elfman-ized version of Sondheim's glorious score. As Sweeney sings, there's a hole in the world like a great black pit and it's filled with people are who are filled with shit.

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cattleworks said...

This is the first I heard of any of this. So, I'm just saying I agree with you: the news of a Sam Mendes-Russell Crowe-Emma Thompson SWEENEY TODD would have been sweet.
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp coming aboard seems to diminish the prospects. And I like a number of Tim Burton's films and I like Johnny Depp, but having said that, the former combination of talents seems better suited to the material. I think the latter duo would have to grow some to do the material justice.