Thursday, March 30, 2006

Assassination Thursday

Twenty-five years ago today, a "disturbed drifter" fired six shots at Ronald Reagan, all because of a little movie called Taxi Driver and its little star. This weekend, Jodie Foster will no doubt remain atop the box office, adding another blockbuster jewel in the crown of her career. And look -- it'll be Crash Day in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the anniversary of Martin Luther King's assassination. (Hey, anything to sell the new director's cut DVD!) And happy birthday Warren Beatty, a maverick who knows something about contracting and enduring assassinations.


cattleworks said...

Since I have dial-up and its been slow as hell lately, I didn't check out any of the links in your entry, but I'm assuming the movie you're referring to with Warren Beatty is THE PARALLAX VIEW.
I love that movie!
If I remember correctly, director Pakula's next film would be ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, with the same production team.
Two things I remember from VIEW:
-The suspense Pakula elicits by staring at a stack of napkins, more or less (and without any music, either, I believe);
-The montage of images Beatty sits through near the end and the choice of images associated with certain words.

J.J. said...

Golly, I didn't even think about The Parallax View (the two I link to are Bulworth and Bonnie & Clyde). So, I should amend it to say "Warren Beatty, who knows something about contracting, enduring and *investigating* assassinations." There aren't any other Beatty assassination movies, are there?