Friday, March 24, 2006

Free association Friday

1. First things first. Inside Man is fun, even for someone who is generally nonplussed by Denzel. It's smartly written to a fault, has a bitchin' score by Terence Blanchard, and is infused with the snappy authority of Spike Lee, who actually paces the movie like a seductive slow dance. Imagine that: a heist movie with some grace and reserve. Plus, it appears its primary function is to give Jodie Foster a platform to be a gorgeous badass. Fine with me. Let's just say a great time was had by all -- "all" being me, and a theater full of greasy suburban oblivionites, but that's another story.

2. Speaking of former child stars, Quinn Cummings -- an Oscar nominee at 10 for The Goodbye Girl who subsequently quit the biz -- has her own blog. I read a couple sentences about her thinning hair, and probably won't return for seconds. I mention it just because it's funny; we're all online now, aren't we? I earnestly await

3. Tatum O'Neal...Peter Bogdanovich...The Last Picture Show...ah, Randy Quaid! The eldest, pudgiest Quaid is suing Oscarless James Schamus because he was duped into working for peanuts on Brokeback Mountain. Oh, the perils of stardom. The man with the $2 billion box office is upset about chump change. Let's forget Randy. Dennis, anyone?

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