Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oscars 06: Guts, Butts & Sluts*

Munich is the bloodiest best picture nominee of the year, with 107 instances of violent content. Good Night, and Good Luck is the smokiest, with 67 instances of tobacco use. Brokeback Mountain is the "sexiest," with 22 instances of sexual contact. Crash is the most profane, with 182 bad words.

So says The Family Media Guide, which conducted an entertaining dissection of the varied naughtiness of this year's best pic nominees. (Capote, which concerns the brutal murder of a family and a protracted march to the gallows, comes off comparatively G-rated.) Using the proportion of violence, sexual content, tobacco use and profanity in each of the best picture winners of the past five years, the Guide was able to come up with the statistical favorite for this year: Munich. Followed very closely by Crash.

Also, IMDb incorrectly inferred from this report that Crash is the most profane best picture nominee ever. Go ahead and rent Pulp Fiction, boys. Daddy says it's OK. Pulp has gotta be the naughtiest. What other nominee has prominently featured a vicious anal rape, an evisceration by samurai sword, a footlong syringe jammed into Uma Thurman's heart, and Sam Jackson at his bluest? And I'm pretty sure every character was smoking during those instances, too. The error has since been corrected as if it had never been made; behold the wonder of the WWW.

Speaking of cussing: Oscar viewers will hear the word "bitches" during the telecast -- not just once, but over and over, as if it's part of a refrain, reports Reuters.

*If memory serves, loose women don't factor into the best picture nominees, save for Munich, which briefly features a barfly assassin. I was just going for the bad*ss rhyme.


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