Sunday, February 25, 2007

DZ Oscar Pool percentages

With 80 ballots in so far, here are the standings. Of note: Hudson appears to be more of a lock than Mirren. Gosling and Kikuchi received no votes. Supporting actor is the most volatile acting category. The DZ Oscar Pool is a very accurate predictor of what actually happens. But best picture is a split between Babel and The Departed. Does that mean we'll have a tie at the ceremony? Hoo-ha! Who knows...

PICTURE. Babel 33%. The Departed 33%. Little Miss Sunshine 16%. Letters from Iwo Jima 10%. The Queen 8%.
DIRECTOR. Scorsese 71%. Eastwood 17%. Inarritu 8%. Frears 2%. Greengrass 2%.
LEADING ACTOR. Whitaker 74%. O'Toole 18%. DiCaprio 5%. Smith 3%. Gosling 0%.
LEADING ACTRESS. Mirren 79%. Dench 10%. Streep 5%. Cruz 3%. Winslet 3%.
SUPPORTING ACTOR. Murphy 49%. Arkin 24%. Hounsou 11%. Wahlberg 9%. Haley 7%.
SUPPORTING ACTRESS. Hudson 81%. Blanchett 13%. Barraza 5%. Breslin 1%. Kikuchi 0%.
ADAPTED SCREENPLAY. The Departed 56%. Notes on a Scandal 20%.
ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY. Little Miss Sunshine 44%. The Queen 21%.
FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM. Pan's Labyrinth 73%. The Lives of Others 14%.
ANIMATED FEATURE. Cars 64%. Happy Feet 34%.


J.J. said...

Update 16:57 / Two more ballots have come in, both going for The Departed. So the scales tip slightly. And neither went for Murphy (instead: Wahlberg & Arkin).

J.J. said...

Update 18:34 / Three more ballots in. Two go Babel. One goes Sunshine. So we're back to even between Babel and The Departed.

Peter said...

Good bloggin DZ ~ You gotta love that tribute to your fellow scribes. But this must be one of the most boring Oscars. God when are they going to start using Jack!

Anonymous said...

the montages were ridiculous, agree with you 100% there ... the tambourine magic and the ferrell, black, reilly musical number was PURE genius. i love that helen mirren was all about it.

i wonder if anyone in the press will comment about the fact that beyonce was just shaking her body and arms to cover up the fact that her voice is 1/8th the size of jennifer hudson's. it was the vocal equivalent of pushing the peas around on your plate to make it look like you ate some.