Sunday, February 11, 2007

Blog like banner?

Blog is two years old today. I'm suprised I've kept it up so long -- it's waxed and waned and stopped maturing long ago. It's an indulgence, and it succeeds and fails based on my whims. You'll notice it's been pretty barren of insight lately. Ah well. We'll celebrate anyway. Some of you have been with me from the beginning. Others drop in along the way, as the blogosphere of film chat grows and tightens. And then there are those of you who are constantly looking for nude photos of Dakota Fanning (how do I know this? SiteMeter graciously tracks Google searches that lead here). So. Friends, blog colleagues, perverts: Thanks for shopping here. Now, a buffet of notable posts past:

Grappling with Apocalypto. 11/30/06
Catching up with the Up docs. 11/27/06
The Queen: The Abridged Version. 11/22/06
Think piece on Catherine O'Hara. 11/17/06
Facing The Exorcist. 10/31/06
Peter MacNicol as the ultimate Renfield. 10/30/06
Ellen Burstyn becomes herself. 10/28/06
On Thomson on Kidman. 10/5/06
The Far from Heaven trailer: One brief touch of Venus. 9/24/06
The Tandy-Cronyn Geriatric Sci-Fi Legacy. 7/14/06
The compromise of the X-Men. 5/25/06
Fiorentino, Bacall & the dearth of dangerous women. 5/13/06
The greatest love dashes of all time. 5/2/06
A love letter to Tom Cruise. 4/19/06
Discovering The Tall Guy. 4/10/06.
Liveblogging the Oscars. 3/5/06
Appreciation of Darren McGavin. 2/26/06
Meryl & Charlize. 10/29/05
The sweet surrender of Wit. 10/21/05
Death Becomes Her, that sensational masterpiece. 2/21/05
New thoughts on Annie Hall. 2/16/05


Beedow said...

Oh no! I've been made.

denver said...

Happy Birthday Blog!

Middento said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear blaaaaaag
Happy birthday to you

(And thanks for getting me on the bandwagon in the first place.)

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should I send a cookie cake?