Thursday, February 15, 2007

Producer of the year?

I'm struggling to see four more films before I release my top 10, but my year-end wrap has to start somewhere. So, a pat on the back to Holly Wiersma. She was behind Bobby (will it be my No. 1?), Down in the Valley (flawed, but it sticks to its guns) and Factory Girl and Come Early Morning (both unseen by me, but the first is supposed to be better than its pre-release turmoil suggests and the second allegedly contains a remarkable performance by Ashley Judd). All were eligibile for this year's Oscars; none were nominated. It's a diverse, ballsy slate that's totally divorced from multiplex culture. IMDb suggests that Wiersma (who looks pretty young) worked her way up from being an extras casting assistant. She's also producing 2007's anticipated Bug.

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